The Wave Pictures – Beer in the Breakers 2CD (2011)

30 апреля 2011 hippy friend

Скачать (320 kbps)


01 Blue Harbour
02 Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Voice
03 Little Surprise
04 Blink Back A Tear
05 Walk The Back Stairs Quiet
06 China Whale Brand (For Hugh John Noble)
07 Pale Thin Lips
08 In Her Kitchen
09 Two Lemons, One Lime
10 Beer In The Breakers
11 Rain Down
12 Epping Forest

Bonus Disc
01 Apple Boy
02 Hear The Ferries Mooring
03 I Walked Past Them Sleeping
04 One More For The Road, Marianne
05 Underneath The Willow Tree
06 The Worm Inside The Brain


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