The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience – Party Addicted (2009)

26 декабря 2009 hippy friend

01_In order to assimilate (Intro)
02_Your teacher is here (Instrumental)
03_Wasted-Party-Tech-Attack (feat. Death of a Fairy)
04_Never be mine (Bitchy Beat Version)
05_Electro is dead (Karaoke-2010-Version)
06_Tell Slater not to wash his Dick (DirtyNoiseRemix_BMTH)
07_Smells like putrid Vagina (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
08_Tetris Wars 3 0 (Voice-Version)
09_Berlin Boobs (Instrumental)
10_Phillip Glass Tribute (A modern Version of an old Song)
11_Kirbys Pussy Party Club (JointNowReMixdown)
12_8 Bit Blowgirl Attitude
13_I’ll never be in this Chick (feat. Annoying Ringtone)
14_KillOrLove (a Girl who wants to bite your Dick)
15_Never be mine (WeedAndCoke-Style)
16_TEQUILA! (Dancing like a Gaystar_feat Pollux)
17_Raped (Lonely Anthem)
18_Hail to Vivien Schmitt (feat. The Daily Teenage Massacre)
19_Callboys from outer Space
20_BiberLeichenSchДnder (ЪbelstDraufRemix)
21_Give me the Number of your Mum (Exclusive Instrumental)
22_My first LSD Trip (Full Version)
23_Gourmet 8-Mile-Rave
24_Stefano the Bitch (Unreleased OldStyle Track)
25_In order to prevail (Outro)

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Летом у меня на районе будет укладка тротуарной плитки, муниципалитет наконец-то разщедрился.

Бухгалтерские услуги в Екатеринбурге помогут любым предприятиям, как малым, так и крупным.

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