Taken By Cars – Dualist (2011)

5 сентября 2011 hippy friend

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Dualist dwells, denies, forgets, yearns and attacks in one go – much like the aggravated self. It tells of a psyche felled by its own humanity. The album evokes the dark cities within, setting human frailty in high definition. In sum, Taken by Cars have raised the bar. If Endings of a New Kind bagged critical acclaim, Dualist waves the reasons behind the acclaim like a red flag. This record took three years to make and it was worth the wait. If you’re looking for quality music, look no further.


01. This is Our City (3:35)
02. Unidentified (2:52)
03. 34 (3:55)
04. Quarter to Three (3:27)
05. Matter of Fact (5:03)
06. Considerate (4:05)
07. Autopilot (3:11))
08. Thrones: Indifference (3:29)
09. Thrones: Equals (4:16)
10. Intermission (6:11)
11. Sea Bass (3:57)

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