Power Animal – People Songs (2010)

4 августа 2010 hippy friend

People Songs is, for a lack of better word, difficult. Not in the sense that it’s a difficult record to digest but rather in the sense it’s difficult to pin down exactly what to make of it. It combines everything from conversation samples to string arrangements with low-key bedroom pop sensibilities that often transition into the sort of freak-folk experimenting you’d expect of a burgeoning Devandra Banhart. If anything, they certainly live up to recently founded label Waaga Records’ self-proclaimed affinity for “tough-to-define music”.

Album centerpiece “Copernicus” is one of the finest examples of the potential on show from the group. The slow-moving plod of acoustic strumming and xylophone tinkering move the sampling of various people repeating “Love is alive and well” forward in what turns out to be a surprisingly powerful song, perhaps most aided by the bands show of restraint, avoiding the typical cymbal-crashing crescendo for a comparably low-key ending that plays the song out with tact over volume. Sadly, moments like it are few and far between (“Dear My Body..”, “Rabbit” and “Birds Have Worries Too” rounding off the choice cuts) and as a whole People Songs is disappointingly stale for something as teeming with promise.

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