Loops of Your Heart – And Never Ending Nights (2012)

20 февраля 2012 hippy friend

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Axel Wilner AKA The Field presents his new project, Loops of Your Heart, the audible manifestation of what happened when a Swede moved himself to Berlin to immerse himself in the sonic adventure playground that is Berlin. ‘And Never Ending Nights’ is steeped in German influence, from its obvious incarnation in the sampled voices of German children on the track ‘Neukolln’, mimicking the cacophony of noise he encounters outside his Berlin studio, to the celebration of the German musical tradition that basks in a lack of restraint and is best exemplified by esteemed German names such as Cluster, Holger Czukay and You. Wilner revels in this new-found liberty and interacts on new melodic levels with his hardware arsenal of synthesizers and guitars.


1 Little You You Should Develop
2 Broken Bow
3 Neuklln
4 End
5 Cries
6 Lost In The Mirror
7 At The Boards

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