Jaill – That’s How We Burn (2010)

13 августа 2010 hippy friend

Vincent Kircher, Austin Dutmer, Andrew Harris and Ryan Adams are a somewhat sneaky, rarely sleazy group of guys from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Together, they are Jaill, a self-described psych-pop combo who play with undeniable guts. Kircher and Dutmer started the band back in 2002 and in early 2009, the band released ‘There’s No Sky (Oh My My)’, a 12-song LP (at just over 30 minutes) that is irresistibly catchy, moving, dirty, sarcastic, and new. Recorded nervously in the leaky basement of an old funeral home, with overdubs finished over a year’s time at home, ‘There’s No Sky’ caught the attention of Sub Pop, with stand-out tracks like “Always Wrong” and “Beggar Sincere.” Recalling the glory of 90’s lo-fi pop, these songs possess a sinewy tension honed from years of basement shows and a palpable, gritty rock sense born of enduring cold, cold Midwest winter months. Recorded at his Mystery Room studio with Justin Perkins, this new Jaill album, ‘That’s How We Burn’, finds the band wrapping its head and arms more solidly around a sound they’ve been building up for nearly a decade. Their ‘Sconnie sensibilities lend to a laid-back but ‘creatively effortless brand of pop: bright guitars and amped-up energy skipping like a stone over Kircher’s dense lyrics, only to sink into momentary mellow moments. ‘That’s How We Burn’ is sure to make the girls freak, the guys geek, and all the lovers weak in the knees.

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