First In Space – Geronimo (2009)

24 декабря 2009 hippy friend

As a band matures, you can hear a specific direction. Ohio natives First In Space had a decent debut re-released this summer and this new follow up sets the trio (Dolus McCormick, Johhny Stanec, and drummer Beau Basement)on a more commercial power pop sound. The clean guitar work and rich chorus of “Goddamn Shame” recall the best tendencies of The Gin Blossoms and alt-rockers Cracker. On “It’s All Gone To Hell” the vocals of Dolus McCormick really shine here. It’s the consistent guitar work that also wins you over as “Take It Away” is my favorite here, where the bridge builds, and builds to a harmony filled chorus. The tracks are all good, so no filler here — although it slows down the tempo on “In My Dreams,” it picks right back up with tough layered guitar riffs on “Stuck Around You” and stays on an even keel through all ten tracks. The mid-western flavor of tracks like “Down On Me” and high energy harmonies between McCormick and Stanec on “Taking Over” recall the Rembrandts at their most aggressive and melodic. Keep your eye on First In Space, as they continue to produce first-rate power pop. — Powerpopaholic.

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