Epigram – Reverie (2010)

24 декабря 2010 hippy friend

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The follow-up to 2008’s “Anything That Comes to Mind” is scheduled for release on CD and vinyl December 7th, 2010. The new album, “Reverie”, was recorded by James Anderson at 6 Nassau in Toronto and features some different instrumentation than their debut. While “Anything That Comes to Mind” was full of dynamic instrumental songs mainly based around guitar, bass and drums (with the addition of violin on select tracks), the new recordings expand on the band’s sound to include additional instruments such as piano, organ, accordion, glockenspiel, and melodica. Though “Reverie” does share a lot of the qualities of their debut, with songs varying from ambient soundscapes (bringing to mind Stars of the Lid or Sigur Ros) to a distorted wall of sound (recalling My Bloody Valentine or Mogwai), often in the course of one song.


01. I’m Sorry, I’m Lost
02. R.I.O.T.
03. Waiting to Wake Up
04. The Narrator (Interlude 1)
05. The Strangers We Are Becoming
06. Unexpected Gift, Unexpected Time
07. The Spectator (Interlude 2)
08. Fragments of What Was Said
09. Never Was and Never Will Be


Недавно узнал как повысить рейтинг в Контакте, что очень кстати. Повысил рейтинг странички в Контакте, своего блога, и сразу же больше человек стало сюда заходить!

Наконец-то теперь и у меня есть страховка каско, а то ездил вообще без какой-либо страховки. А на улице гололед. Авария за аварией. Но теперь я гораздо спокойнее!

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