6pm – Far From Perfect (2006)

15 апреля 2009 hippy friend

Every now and then, the intimacy of the bedroom comes up with a perfect recipe for delicious electronic pop. Fresh hand-picked rhythms and digital delights stirred by sweet guitar melodies and playful vocal harmonies offer an excellent combination that will please the most demanding ears. If we flavour it with a measure of the warm sound of the trumpet, we can be sure we’ve found a unique listening experience. A fortuitous encounter in the Conservatory of Santiago de Compostela leads Raul Mon and Ivan Oubina to meet again one sunny afternoon to explore their musical affinities. After a couple of demos they released their home recorded debut “Far from perfect”, a scent of the refined Morr cuisine simmering on an electronic base. In 2009 there will be a new EP and album coming out.

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